On Friday, May 25, Treviso hosted the start of the Tour towards the Alp of Pampeago together with the conference organised by AIFIL on light pollution; in the prestigious Palazzo Giacomelli, headquarter of Unindustria and with the patronage of  Province, Municipality of Treviso and AIDI .
The meeting addressed two often neglected aspect of the Regional Law of Veneto: private lighting and signs. To the large audience (one hundred people) were proposed several speeches of  different partecipants, each of whom expressed his point of view.  The basic idea was that of giving an overview of the several aspects that the law involves. After the intervention of Mr. Merlo, architect, who talked about the Plans for the reduction of light pollution, intervened Mr. Tabuso  that, as consultant for the Municipalities of Padova and Venice, clearly stated that the responsibility for the installation of signs without authorisation falls on the installer himself.

He concluded explaining the essential requirements that the applications must have. ARPAV was represented by Mr. Bertolo who, considering the oversights and inconsistencies of the Law, has shown how the Regional Agency for Environment is moving within all areas of interpretation and reasonableness and in a totally collaborative way. Mr. Pedrotti, engineer, and Mr. Baldo, engineer, have then examined the aspects of  private lighting and of the concept of safety – recreation; the undersigned has talked about the problems connected with the measurement of the emitted lumens and of the sign luminance. In conclusion Mr. Marco Loro, lawyer,  advisor of AIDI  has given demonstration of his professional calibre by speaking without periphrasis of the Regional Legislation in relation to the Constitution and the contrasting aspects that some laws show. At 1 p.m. the moderator Ms Elena Piovesan concluded the meeting; the intervention of the Territory Secretary Sonia Stefanello and the President Sergio Arioli have witnessed the dynamic nature of the association and its attention to the current issues for the category.